Realisticus Art Show


2023 Online Kids Art Show & Fun Competition for the students of Realisticus Art Academy. Prizes for the Most Realistic & Creative Artworks. Submit two artworks in your Age Category, one from class and one from home.

Create your own unique Under the Sea artwork: design a beautiful scene under the ocean, fill it with real sea creatures or fantasy creatures like mermaids or water dragons. You can draw anything you like under the water, like a sunken pirate ship, treasure or an ancient city. Look at some inspirations online for your design.

We are giving away lots of prizes for the Most Realistic and Most Creative Drawings.


Online submission: 

Tue 21st November – Tue 28th November

Winners Announced:

Sunday 3rd December  


Realisticus Art Award, Innovatorix Art Award, People’s Choice Award

How to Submit Your Artwork:

  1. Prepare two artworks (1 original done at home and 1 done in art class) Important: New Students in Term4 and ages 5-6 have an option to submit just ONE artwork done in class as their entry.
  2. Photograph both artworks.
  3. Crop and rotate images to proper orientation.
  4. Go to this website: Go to the Page for your child’s age category.
  5. Upload both images. Enter student details with full name and surname. Select your physical class area and class time code. (Class time code is made up of the weekday and hour of your art class starting time. If you booked Online Only classes select that option) Once completed Click Submit.

Well done! REMINDER Images will SHOW UP on the website AFTER WE HAVE REVIEWED THEM. Usually within 24hrs – 48hrs 🙂

Remember to vote for your favourite artworks and Share with your friends! Students with the most votes per age category will WIN our People’s Choice Award.

Art Competition hosted by Realisticus Art Academy

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